tama na muna ang drama. :: 24 June 2007

Pansin niyo naman sa previous post ko na medyo naguguluhan ako. To shift or not?

Honestly, gulong-gulo pa rin ako. Pero, oh well. Basta, mangyayari ang lahat according to God's will. Diyos na ang bahala. Patnubayan Niyo po ako.

Excited ako sa maraming bagay:


HARRY POTTER and the DEATHLY HALLOWS (I have a feeling Harry will die.)


Weeeee. hahaha :))

geh! bye! :D


fear is only in our minds. :: 18 June 2007

A line from Evanescence's song "Sweet Sacrifice". It fits my current feeling. "Fear is only in our minds."
Since last year, I wanted to shift. Fear took its toll on me. Naunahan ako ng takot kaya hindi na ako nag-try magshift pa.

I want to shift. Yep, you read that right. I.Want.To.Shift.

My course is not right for me. Economics is not the course for me. I want a course that's media related. I'm eyeing BroadComm since last year. No math for me, puhlease. I am no math whiz. And, I ain't interested in it. :(

Isang taon ko na yata niloloko ang sarili ko. Pinilit kong isantabi ang pangarap ko. Pinilit kong mahalin ang Economics. Pinilit kong mangarap na magtrabaho sa ADB. (onga, niloloko ko ang sarili ko.)

Kung ano man ang mangyari, Diyos na ang bahala. :)
God bless me. :)

"Everything happens for a reason"


freshie no more. :: 14 June 2007

Yep, Sophomore na ako. Can't believe it has been a year ago when I was just a clueless freshman.

Woohoo! Kakayanin kita sophomore year! :D ahahahaha!!

Nag 18 na nga pala ako nung June 5. ahahahaha. :))

Sorreh na. Nakakatamad nang magpost dito. hahaha. Wala lang. Mas feel ko na ang LJ. yak, anlabo :D

Terror daw stat prof namen. ok. Goodluck naman! hahaha

SABOG POST! hahaha :))


all you wanted was somebody who cares. :: 31 May 2007

A line from Michelle Branch's song "All You Wanted". Wala lang. I just wanted to type it here cause I'm listening to the song right now. I love Michelle Branch. I LOVE AVRIL LAVIGNE. (haha, anong konek?) Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know that I am still alive. Haha. Next week, I will have to go back to UP and enroll myself. Hay. I still need to 4 subjects through manual enlistment. arrgh. Wish me luck.

It's June tomorrow. Woah! Bilis. haha. Woohoo. Sophomore Year, here I come!! :D


HEROES mode :P :: 21 May 2007


HEROES Season Finale na!! ahaha. I've already finished all 22 episodes. woohoo. Thank you to my blockmate Raymond for burning Episodes 1-10, limewire for episodes 11-18 and http://www.dailymotion.com for episodes 19-22 :D Oh, thanks also to Renee, if not for her blog, I wouldn't have known about HEROES episodes available in dailymotion ;)

Woohoo. I'm really looking forward for HEROES Season finale. As in! I do hope may makapag-upload agad sa dailymotion :D hahaha. demanding? anyway, American Idol finale na rin! Jordin or Blake? Kahit sino, ok lang. They're both great singers naman eh :D haha.

Sige, till my next post. Kinda getting lazy kaya bihira mag-update. hahaha. :D


napaka-intense! :: 17 May 2007

Just finished watching HEROES episode 19 -- .07%

ANG TINDI! woohoo. Tomorrow, I'll be watching the remaining episodes. woohoo. :)

Oh, add mo nga pala ako kung may IMEEM ka. http://heroesadiktus.imeem.com

Ayun lang. Tinatamad pa ako mag-update. hahaha.




update. :: 07 May 2007

What's been up with me these past few days?

HEROES, Spider-man 3, The Notebook and outing with cousins.

I've been downloading Heroes episodes from Limewire. I just downloaded episodes 11 and 12 last Friday. I am still downloading episodes 13, 14 and 15 today. I can't wait to watch these episodes! weeeee. :)
(some spoilers ahead)
Last Saturday, I watched the much-awaited film Spider-man 3 with my mom, my brother and sister. Honestly, I LOVED THE MOVIE. It had a bit of everything: romance, drama, action and comedy. Though there were some boring scenes, the movie was still great with all the fight scenes and drama scenes. Sana nga lang mas marami pang action scenes. haha. I love how Tobey Maguire portrayed Peter Parker/Spider-man. However, the EMO look just didn't work for me. hehe. sorry. Kirsten Dunst wasn't that much pretty compared to her look from the previous Spidey films. Nonetheless, she's still a great actress. James Franco's smile was weird. He was smiling too much in the film. haha. The 2 villains Sandman and Venom lived up to their names. haha. They really were villains - pain in the ass. haha. Nakakaiyak yung last scenes. I got teary-eyed when Harry died. awwww. Pero may kulang pa rin eh. (Lahat naman ata ng movies, may flaws.) Kulang talaga yung fight scenes. Masyadong konti compared sa previous films. Uhm, alam ko na kung bakit ganon. Kasiiii, ang hirap kayang isiksik nung plot sa dalawang oras lang. Maraming sub-stories kaya ganun kabilis yung pace ng movie. Observation ko lang yun. haha. Anuman ang sabihin ng iba, MAHAL KO ANG SPIDER-MAN 3!
I've been reading "The Notebook". I know I should've finished the book by now because it's just short but there are more important things to get myself busy with (like watching HEROES!). haha. But, maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to finish it this week. :)
Yesterday, my sister and I were with our relatives from our mother's side. Ironically, my mom was not with us. She just stayed here at home with my younger brother. We went to Antipolo and Cavite. We left at around 5 am. Arrived at Manila around 7 am. We still had to fetch my other cousins who live in Manila. We left there around 8 am and arrived at Antipolo around 9 am. We attended the mass at the famous Antipolo Church. The mass ended around 10:15 am. After that, my cousins bought some "pasalubong": kasoy and suman. Tinamad na ako bumili kahapon. haha. We then proceeded to Hinulugang Taktak to have our lunch. Ang pangit na ng Hinulugang Taktak. Sana na-maintain yung kagandahan ng place. Ang ganda sana ng view kung hindi ito pinabayaan. After having our lunch, we went to Island Cove in Cavite. We arrived there around 2 pm. Ang KJ naman dun, bawal ang pagkain. haha. We had to "surrender" the food that we had dun sa isang storage room nila. After that, usap-usap muna yung mga nakatatanda tsaka yung officials ng resort kung magkano ang babayaran. Hindi ko alam kung magkano. haha. We were able to go swimming around 3pm. We stayed there until 6pm. weeeeeeee. Ansaya mag-slide!! As in!! woohoo! Ang taas kasi nung slide. Nakakathrill! haha. Ang babagsakan 5 ft. haha. Basta, ansaya. I really had fun with my cousins!! Woohoo. Tapos, hanapan ng piso sa tubig! hahaha. Sisid to the max kami! Basta ang sayaaaaaaaaaaa! Haha. Sa uulitin :)

Ayun lang naman. Haha. Sige, till my next update! :)


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